10 Fall Home Decor Ideas From the Pros | Real Estate

Luna Ruth

Change up your textures and fabrics.

Summer is all about light and airy fabrics, and your decor should reflect that. As you ease into the cooler seasons, pros say it’s time to bring in a warmer, cozier touch. “Emphasize chunky blankets and other heavier down items,” says Diana Hathaway, interior designer at Diana Hathaway Home. “Overstuffed pillows, fluffy blankets and candles with natural textures like birch and linen are easy ways to update your home for fall.” Textured fabrics can go particularly well with a fall aesthetic. If you’re not sure which one to go with, Farah Merhi, CEO of Inspire Me Home Decor, recommends boucle – a type of woven fabric that’s very on trend these days. “The No. 1 trend I’m seeing from an upholstery perspective is boucle,” says Merhi, who shares her design ideas with 7.5 million followers on her Instagram account, @Inspire_Me_Home_Decor. “This can be easily incorporated through anything from accent pillows to accent chairs. I also love that this fabric is so versatile. You can make it look glam, casual or anything in between.”


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