10 Lliving room bar ideas for better entertaining at home

Luna Ruth

Living room bar ideas can range from luxury millwork to bar trolleys and cabinets, all located in the most social room in the house. With the right bar design, you can add even more functionality to the living room and make it truly the hub and heart of the home.

Of course, when it comes to living room ideas, the inclusion of a bar isn’t quite the novelty it once was, but what is unique is the way these units are now being integrated into the home’s plan. In large living rooms, ornate and carefully designed wet bars are taking over, whether in adjacent rooms or within alcoves and niches. In smaller homes, glossy bar carts, consoles or hidden units are adding style and happy energy. Rich woods, leather-backed bar stools, and pin-tucked armchairs are popular features of the modern-day home bar.


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