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The City of Jamestown has announced its annual Streets Program, with work already begun.

Due to increased state aid, the city will be aggressive in implementing an expanded program. The plan focuses on the greatest areas of need for the City, and works to improve the city’s aging streets.

“With increased funding this year we can scale up and continue to work on more CHIPS projects than in past years,” said Jeff Lehman, city public works director. “We are able to take on a large number of projects. I am proud of the work our team has done to help use this boost of funds to tackle many projects this summer.”

Several projects could be added to the list as the season progresses, depending on greater funding availability, as well as weather.

“This has been an unprecedented time for our city and the increased funding will allow us to continue to have a larger scope of projects,” said Mayor Eddie Sundquist. “I applaud all the work Jeff and his engineers did to use these extra funds to address the biggest areas of need on our city streets.”

Projects are planned to be completed by the end of the summer/all season, depending on the weather, the flow of public funding, contractor availability and the changing price of materials.

“I am encouraged by the work the DPW has done to get our streets program in a place where they can do so many projects,” said councilman Randall Daversa,

R-At Large and Public Works Committee chairman. “The hard work they’ve put into a time of so much uncertainty is notable. I appreciate the chance to have input into the process and I feel as if every project that the City is going forward with is a worthy and necessary project.”

A detailed map of street projects and expected completion dates can be found on the city’s website at Every street is evaluated on the city’s Complete Streets Program.

The work schedule includes:



Gwendolin from W. Virginia to Allendale, Brick and curb repair;

Hazeltine from Raymond to Myrtle, brick and curb repair;

Spring from Eighth to Crossman, brick and curb repair;

Potters Alley from Fourth to Fifth streets, concrete pavement;

May from Camp to East Virginia, concrete, mill and pave;

Terrace from Forest to McKinley, concrete, mill and pave;

23rd from Washington to Main, curb repair;

Andrews from Harding to Third, curb replacement;

Pearl from Ensign to Delaware, drainage, storm and pave;

Briggs from Institute to Foote, miscellaneous curb and brick repair;

King from Ellicott to Hebner, miscellaneous curb repair;

Dexter Alley, new curb, apron and sidewalk;

Chambers from Forest to Mission, brick and curb repair;

Newland from Hallock to Huxley, recycle;

Tower from English to King, remove brick, pave;

Sixth Street from Prendergast to Washington, sidewalk and pave;

Scioto from Wescott to Johnson, storm, curb repair;

Barrett from Prather to Baker, total reconstruction;

Lincoln from Fourth to Fifth streets, total reconstruction;

Wescott from Willard to low point, total reconstruction

Roseland Park — stormwater detention

Miscellaneous Pipe Relining, slip line old stormwater pipe.



Myrtle from South to Smith

Niagara from Margaret to Delaware

Hedges from Benedict to Delaware

Scioto from Wescott to Johnson

Water from King to Winsor

King from Elliot to Hebner

Midgley from Oak to Cutting

East Virginia from Hughes to Hebner

Marion from Elam to Ivy

Sampson from Grandin to Newland

Delaware from Newland to Hazeltine

Sampson from Cole to Hazeltine

Olson from State to Delaware

Jewel at Cole

Summit from Ohio to Baker

Harding from Hallock to Steele

Emory from Gordon to Marvin

Newton from Winsor to Weeks

Foote from Chandler to Fourth

Fairfax from Willow to Loxley

Third Street from Prendergast to Second

23rd Street from Washington to Main

Newland from Huxley to Hallock



Pratt from Buffalo to Harris

Pullman from Allen to Ellicott

Hebner from Camp to Alfred

Camp from Sanford to Hebner

Hazzard from Prather to Newland

Axtel from Hazzard to Main

South from Main to Ivy

Palmeter from Hazeltine to Delaware

Shirley Lane from Fairmount to Nordland

Mason and Blake

Fairmount from Fourth to Hamilton

Winsor from Second to Falconer


Kipp from Falconer to Newton

Swan from Crestline to Willard

Gustavus from Margaret to Delaware

Tiffany from Buffalo to Allen

English from Allen to King

Allen from Maple to Foote

Hallock from Third to Newland

Summit from Ohio to Hallock

Lakeview from Buffalo to Newton

Fifth from Fairmount to Washington

Fifth from Church to Second

Eighth from Main to Washington

Wescott from Scioto to brick

Shaver from Ellicott to brick

Allendale from Martin to brick

Barker from Main to Park

Colfax from Hazeltine to Newland

Brickel from Colfax to Sampson

Bernhard from Colfax to Sampson

Cole from Sampson to Delaware

Front from Mercury to McDaniel

Hunt from Third to McDaniel

Sprague from Baker to Adams

Chapman from Baker to brick

Seymour from Livingston to Delaware

Geneva from Fairmount to Livingston

Proudfit from Livingston to Erie

Hallock from Livingston to Delaware

12th from Washington to Main

13th from Washington to brick

14th from Washington to brick

15th from Washington to brick

Bowen from Second to Bush

Falconer from Buffalo to Curtis

Eighth from Liberty to Lakeview

Crossman from Lakeview to Winsor

Second from Washington to Main

Cedar from Kinney to Ensign

Shady Lane from Beech to Elm

Alfred from May to East Virginia

Marshall from Camp to Virginia

Howard Street Extension from Barker to Hudson

Hudson from Howard to Hazzard

Partridge from Hazzard to the arterial

Sabin from Main to Howard

Glendale from Allendale to Springdale

Schuyler from Baker to 200 feet

Huxley from Hunt to Norton

Chapman from Mt. Vernon to Delaware

Fairview from Fairmount to Fairmount

Phillips from Falconer to Haywood

Haywood from Cowing to Buffalo

Stowe from Towner to Centennial

Centennial from Stowe to Weeks

Second from Sprague to Jefferson

Spring Street Extension from 15th to Price

Rugby from Fluvanna to Lamont

Lamont from Rugby to Federal.

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