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Luna Ruth

— Alberto Castillo, AEC Construction, 1 Mulberry LP NE, single-family home with attached garage, $204,000.

— Alberto Castillo, AEC Construction, 61 Mulberry LP NE, single-family home with attached garage, $158,000.

— Clinton and Linda Wolf, Kens Construction & Home Improvement, 703 24th Ave. NW, garage addition, $12,000.

— Jasber LLC, Fossco, 800 20th Ave. SW, detached car detail shop, $65,000.

— Christopher Drinkwine, 620 24th Ave. NW, adding egress window, $500.

— Julie Rensland, 2001 Lakeside St., accessory building, $8,000.

— Anthony and MacKinsey Cooper, Burton Building Co., 439 17th St. NW, attached garage, $25,000.

— Cuttin Loose Partners, Hight Construction, 1415 1st St. SW, finish basement, $20,000.

— Michael Melby, 5 27th St. NW, replace existing basement window with egress window, $1,500.

— Chad and Marlene Vogel, Johnson’s Renovations, 414 23rd St. SW, detached garage, $60,000.

— Jorge Herrera, 182 Mulberry LP NE, single-family home with attached garage, $193,000.

— Gregory Thiele, 1504 Woodlands Way SE, deck, $10,000.

— Joshua and Jordyn Brown, 2903 8th St. SE, accessory building, $11,000.

— Cory Handford, Breland Enterprises, 629 Lake St., power braces on wall, $4,000.

— Big Sky Builders, 1708 Woodlands Way SE, single-family home with attached garage and finished basement, $228,000.

— Big Sky Builders, 1612 Woodlands Way, single-family home with attached garage and finished basement, $228,000.

— H&H Holdings, Big Sky Builders, 2709 21st St. NW, single-family home with attached garage and finished basement $228,000.

— Gordon and Irene Troxel, Haugen Woodworks, 1110 Valley View Dr., replace deck, $14,000.

— Troy and Lori Fisher, 608 9th St. NW, remodel kitchen/dining area, siding, roof, $60,000.

— Hollie and David Booth, 1 Olive Tree Circle NE, adding deck, $6,000.

— Roger and Virginia Lee, 513 19h Ave. SW, replace deck, $17,000.

— Jonny Nichols, Everything Construction, 5325 Zaharia Dr. SE, piers for manufactured home, $6,000; slab, $7,000.

— Joshua and Kelly Heilmann, Kens Construction & Home Improvement, 2515 43rd Ave. SE, single-family home with garage and unfinished basement, $360,000.

— Matthew and Paula Strom, MMG Contracting, 5115 12th St. SW, single family home with attached garage and second floor, $219,000.

— Souris River Joint Water Board, Ackerman-Estvold Construction, 501 36th St. SW, foundation for moved home and bring up to code, $34,000; shed, $1,000.

— Tiffany and Robert Miller, 2407 39th St. SE, accessory building, $20,000.

— Greg and Lynette Hatlestad, 2850 62nd St. SE, garage and entry, $81,000.

— Andrew and Ava Burckhard, 6151 30th Ave. SE, detached garage, $25,000.

— Richard and Amy Morales, 2535 58th St. SE, addition, $115,000.

— Bernice Laverdure, Mindt Construction, 3510 Beaver Creek Rd. SW, single family home with attached garage, partial finished basement, $374,000.

— Minot Public School District, Kraus-Anderson Construction, 1100 11th Ave. SW, demolition of FACS and vo-tech classroom area, $500,000.

— EWR Minot North Highlands, Rolac Contracting, 1250 27th Ave. NW, remove existing bearing and nonbearing walls, $12,000.

— City of Minot, Rolac Contracting, 515 2nd Ave. SW, precast concrete retaining wall, $3.025 million.

— Dakota Square Mall CMBS, WDS Construction, 2400 10th St. SW, internal/external remodel for new retail store, $1.21 million.

— Minot Park District, Strata Corp./Dakota Concrete, 601 16th Ave. SE, foundation for concessions building, restrooms, press box, $50,000.

— Miller Properties, CBE, LLC, 400 10th St. SE, demolition and new wall for office, $100,000.

— Eckroth Properties, Mindt Construction, 315 31st Ave. SW, remove nonbearing wall, divide north/south storage rooms, $5,000.

— 710 31st Avenue Building, LLC, Edge Remodeling & Construction, 710 31st Ave. SW, remodel, divide into offices, $25,000.

— Northwestern Equipment, Mattison Construction, 6200 Highway 2 E. Add bay addition, $400,000.

— City of Minot, Rolac Contracting, 4450 37th Ave. SW, landfill recycling transfer station, $2.261 million.

— Angelica and Jose Garcia, 3400 13th St. NE, temporary tent for graduation open house, $1,000.

Total for May: $10,384,000

Total to date: $35,986,500

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