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Luna Ruth

SOUTH CENTRE TOWNSHIP, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — More concerns from customers of a Columbia County Home Building Company that abruptly closed its door last week.

Eyewitness News has been reporting on the closure of Vision Home Builders near Bloomsburg. Customers of the company say they were left financially high and dry because of the unexpected shutdown and now have unfinished homes.

We were contacted by two more customers of vision home builders. One said she learned about the company closure when she saw our reports on eyewitness news earlier this week.

We can tell you there are many more questions than there are answers in this case.

“The biggest question is where did our money go. Where did the money that you drew go? What’s the next step we have walls that could collapse and fall in,” stated Ron Herbst, a Vision Home Builders customer.

That’s the question Herbst wants to be answered work on his new home near Gordon in Schuylkill County has been at a standstill earlier this week he showed us his foundation he says he understands businesses fall on hard times but.

“Pay for what has been done, give back what you haven’t used that’s a substantial amount of money that has not been used, roughly $115,000,” explained Herbst.

We know at least several customers received an emailed letter from Jeffrey McCreary the president of vision home builders last Thursday saying the company had no choice but to close its doors.

“Vision has tried every way that we know possible to continue operating amid an increasingly dismal financial situation. Loss of revenue has crippled our ability to sustain homebuilding operations,” stated Jeffrey McCreary- president of Vision Home Builders.

We spoke with attorney Tom Marsilio who handles home construction cases he is also a former federal, state, and county prosecutor he advises customers.

“The remedy for these people is to immediately call the attorney general’s office bureau of consumer protection. There are statutes on the books that deal specifically with contracting and these contractors are subject to not only fines but penalties which include incarceration in their failure to comply,” explained Attorney Tom Marsilio, who handles consumer cases.

Marsilio offers this advice to anyone who is entering into a contract to build a new home.

“Obviously the contract has to be as specific as possible in the event they are building a home and are spending a lot of money. Perhaps consult with an attorney to make sure everything is covered A to Z,” stated Marsilio.

A spokesperson for the State Attorney General’s Office urges anyone who might have issues with any contract to take action.

Consumers should file complaints with our office if they feel they have been harmed,” said Molly Stieber, from the PA Attorney General’s Office.

We must point out there is no indication that law enforcement is involved in this case.

It does appear to be a civil matter. We spoke to a woman from Lycoming County who told me she is out some $50,000 and very little work has been done at her construction site.

We reached out to Vision Home Builders for comments to get their side of the story. We have not heard back.

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